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The island-jvp web site is my office for Presogna Productions. I have recently moved to Pennsylvania from New York, so please note the current address below.

I have been a published writer, composer, and artist since the 1970s, and I have produced more than 1,500 copyrights in 20 areas of the sciences and arts. This includes not only my original science, but also my art gallery, music, literature, and computer software, as well as other projects I have completed over the years.

A-Maze-In Miss Liberty

A problem is like a maze. There may be more than one way out. The Statue of Liberty you see on this page is indeed a maze. There is more than one path to the exit, even if only one exit exists. The "A-Maze-In Miss Liberty" problem presents a much easier problem than most of us encounter. If you cannot find your way out of the maze I have presented, perhaps you need practice. The issue, however, is that a solution does exist. It is my job to find that solution.

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